How to Promote Blogs To Be Famous,- The way to promote a blog is actually quite easy, we only need to spend a lot of time specifically for promotions. Promotion is very important for blogs, in addition to increasing blog visitors, promotion can also make blogs famous.

But do not immediately expect visitors to your blog will increase instantly through promotion. Because everything needs process and time, so you need to be patient waiting for maximum results.

In this post, I will share how to promote a blog like a SEO guide, so look carefully.
How to promote blogs through social media

Social media such as facebok, twitter, g + is already very well known everywhere. Many people use these social media accounts. Ranging from children, teenagers to parents already have social media accounts.

This is what bloggers see as a large enough potential to attract traffic. Not even a few blogs that rely on social media as their source of traffic. For that there is no harm in using this method to promote.

How to promote a blog via Facebook

Facebook is indeed one of the best and biggest social media in the world, so many people use it. This is a big enough potential to be used as a media to promote your blog.

What you need to do:

Make a Facebook account, then find as many friends as possible. And look for friends who - something that has something to do with the theme of your blog. For example: Your blog discusses business or business, so look for friends who work as entrepreneurs.

Share your article on Facebook with an interesting title, so that your friends have the potential to click on it.

The weakness of this method:
  1. You will spend a lot of time looking for friends who are as close to your blog as possible
  2. Most people don't confirm friend requests
  3. It's not easy to create articles that attract friends to click on articles that we make

How to promote via Twitter

Almost the same as Facebook, Twitter is already booming everywhere, so we can use it for promotional media.

What you need to do:
  1. Follow and follow a lot of people
  2. After getting lots of followers, start singing and while occasionally posting articles to you

The weakness of this method:
  1. We have to spend a lot of time to follow many people
  2. Most people we follow do not follow us, so a lot of time is wasted.

How to promote a blog through Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a medium for posting articles, in order to get additional traffic. Besides social bookmarking can provide backlinks for your blog. Social bookmarking can also be used to promote your blog.

What you need to do:
  1. Look for a list of social bookmarks and try dofollow and crowded visitors
  2. Create an account on the social bookmark
  3. Pinch your article to the social bookmark and do this every time you make an article

Weaknesses of this Method:
  1. Most social bookmarks limit the number of articles we will save
  2. We will be quite troubled because we have to submit one by one articles

How to promote a blog via Blogwalking

Actually the main purpose of blogwalking is to get backlinks, but you can use it to promote your blog.

What you need to do:
  1. Comment on blogs that are crowded with visitors, while placing a link to your blog or article.
  2. Or better yet look for a blog that has a chatbox that is crowded with visitors. And comment by inserting a link to your blog.

Weaknesses of this Method:
  • Rarely do blogs install chatboxes
  • If any, visitors to the blog are quiet

By applying the way to promote the blog above, then you need to be patient to get positive results. Because everything needs time and process but there is no harm in trying this method.

Thus is our discussion this time, hope it is useful and thank you for visiting this blog.