How to get backlinks - In the previous post I talked about "what is a backlink?". Connecting the article, this time I will discuss how to get backlinks. Backlinks are very useful for blogs, in addition to strengthening SERP, backlinks are also useful for getting ranks.

The more backlinks, the more popular a blog is in the eyes of search engines. Backlinks are also part of the off page optimization process. So to strengthen the off page optimization that we do, we need to look for backlinks. Okay, go straight to the discussion.
How to get the most effective backlinks
  1. Commenting on dofollow and nofollow blogs, commenting on other people's blogs (BlogWalking) is already the most common way to get backlinks. This method is indeed the easiest way to do, besides being practical, of course it's also free :). But even though it's practical and free, we shouldn't overdo it. Because if it's excessive it can - can be considered spam comments. For that, comment accordingly, and comment according to the contents of the article. So that the time we spend searching for backlinks will not be in vain.
  2. Exchanging links, this method is quite familiar among bloggers, in addition to getting backlinks, exchanging links can also provide additional traffic. But this method should not be done too often, because every link that comes out will be a leak point for our blog. Imagine ... the hard-to-backlinks we are looking for, we just share it with other blogs. For that, exchange links if only necessary.
  3. Creating a dummy blog, Blog dummy is a blog that is used as a source of backlinks for the main blog. How do you do it, make a blog on any platform, then fill in the articles on those blogs and make sure every blog has been indexed on the search engines. Don't forget the backlink injection on each blog and finally install the link to the main blog. With this, the main blog will get additional backlinks from the dummy blog that we created.
  4. Post articles to Social bookmarks, Register your blog to several social bookmarks (try dofollow). Then post your article to the social bookmark, do this every time you make an article. Social bookmarking can also provide additional traffic, although not much, but not bad for your blog.
  5. Backlinks from Forums, Register yourself in an online discussion forum. Then answer each forum member question while leaving a link to the blog / article. But usually some forums don't allow us to leave a link before posting a specified thread.

By applying several methods above, it is not impossible that your blog will be flooded with lots of backlinks.