SEO,- In SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we certainly know the Authority of the page and the Authority of the domain in a website. This PA and DA is a marker that shows us what quality our website or personal blog or our friends have in the search engines.

Did you know that many SEO actors do not know and do not understand both? Of course, this is very unfortunate, because we can compare how good our blog or personal website is with our friends through the search engines, be it Google, Yahoo or Bing.

PA and DA are very important in SEO techniques, and there are already many SEO actors who are looking for PA and DA who are good at planting links in order to increase the ranking of their website before the search engines. Search engines, especially Google, really like websites with high values ​​of PA and DA, this is what makes many websites compete to appear on page 1 of the Google search so they can continue in the position one.

Page Authority

What is a Page or PA Authority?
The authority of the page is a description of the ranking on your website or blog that is viewed or found in a search engine. The range of numbers in the authority of the page is usually from 0 to 100, the higher the value of the blog or PA website, the more likely it is to appear in the search engines. Not only that, these numbers are related to the relevance of the content on the website or blog and the links from one page to another.

One of the highest AP sites we have researched previously is The PA value of this website reaches 95 and, of course, this will make the search results of wikipedia always appear in the position of 1 search engine.

How to Increase the PA
"So, can we improve our PA website or blog?" - The answer is that you can! As In a nutshell, it's a way to increase PA on your website or blog. Here are ways you can apply:

Update the content or articles on your website or blog regularly. Remember, the content or article must be original and can not be copied and pasted from the source. Always update your articles with the latest information that is interesting, relevant, useful and that readers like.

Make quality and relevant backlinks, never spam. Make relevant backlinks so that the PA value on your website increases rapidly.

Give photos or videos on your website or blog. Do not fill your website or blog with just text.

Domain Authority

Understanding the Domain Authority or DA
The domain authority or DA on a website refers to the strength of the domain that your website or blog has. The strength of a website or blog is based on the age, popularity and size of your domain. Suppose that the domain used by the website has a DA value of 96 points. The scale of measurement of DA is the same as the PA, which is from 1 to 100, the larger the website or the DA blog, the better its position or classification in the SERP.

How to Increase the DA
As mentioned, there are 3 factors that affect the DA on your website or blog. These factors are age, popularity and size. Here is the explanation:

Domain Age
The age of the domain determines how big or high the domain is on your website or blog. If you use a private domain, you must be patient to increase the DA, but if you use an existing domain, such as or, the value of the DA will no longer increase.

Domain Popularity
For this (the popularity of the domain) you can know how many incoming links enter your website or blog, where the incoming links are quality links and not spam. (Read: A brief guide to create backlinks)

Domain Size
What is meant by domain size is the amount of content or articles that are owned by the web or blog. The amount intended is not a value, but useful information provided by your website or blog to readers. So make articles that are useful to readers or visitors to your website or personal blog so that search engines can see them.

Now we know the benefits of PA and DA in SEO. But how do you know the value of PA and DA of a website or blog? With the help of tools, of course. Now there are many tools that can help you know the value of PA and DA of a website. One of the tools or browser extensions used by to find out the value of DA and PA websites or friends' blogs is with the help of MozBar.

Approximately that is the meaning and how to increase the value of PA and DA on your website. So from now on, let's concentrate on increasing AP values.