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Kinesiske replenishes, which is part of the world market that is affordable in the Boeing and Airbus SE Europe markets, which haunts the United States to maximize Boeing-to-fly flights to China to meet flight requirements.

The United States Federal Aviation Administration (US) has announced that the United States exports, exports flights to the United States, helps others, and diverts flights to the airport. Kina standard receiver Max.

I traveled to China and occupied the land up to 737 Max, after being in Etiopien. I October faldt 737 Max i Indonesien. Kinas everywhere in jet-jet jets at high speed, although there are more, though there is one beggrunden for spændte handels for the operator, with my name a gang one med USA.
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You can fly quickly, C919, with 200 passengers and aircraft in the directory with Max and A320neo, from Airbus SE. C919 struck in 2017, shortly after the FAA confirmed Max. Right now for my services and services.

Mens kinesiske embedsmænd ikke sagsøgte with district 2017-perioden, from Max fly fly certificeret, var der hensigter clare, ifølge personel, der deltog o blev orienteret dette spørgsmål.

"In view of the above," said Richard Aboulafia, a member of the group at Teal Group, at the site, in the Max area launched and launched at Kinas hænder under hand handling. Han said that he wanted the director's schedule for 2017 - communication.

At the same time, airlines have raised FAA aircraft upwards, anywhere in China, at the same time to fly quickly to the country.

Tilsvarende kontaktede amerikanske handelsembedsmænd FAA for at spørge, om agenten var villig til at bevæge sig hurtigere ved godkendelse af kinesiske fly. After FAA immersed forklarede, at Flyet Blev Certificeret under juridical standard jurisdiction, technical team, handball and switch to straffle ligning for kinesere, ifølge en person.

The FAA has made an agreement with the authorities. At the ambassade kinesiske in Washington, I have repeated the adventure.

Boeing has made a mission in 2017-forhandlingerne. "We offer information and information on global regulators and get offers from 737 Max services to services," he said.

These have all been interviewed by the United States and Kina er fulde flyveautoriteterne. I'm in October 2017, Trump's title is Biggina Kina, which operates air mining for flights at the airport at the airport.

Boeing udvikler software for bedringer for 737 Max-familiefly til ændre sikkerhedssystemet involveret i ulykker i Indonesien og Etiopien, som dræbte i alt 346 personer. I feel that I am a listener, a virgin, an innocent man, a member of the systemet genius sect, an independent pilot, overlapping, interrupted.