ZoToz,-Online business in the millennium era is currently experiencing significant development. This can be proven by the development of e-commerce sites that we can easily find. With the support of advanced technology and ease of transaction, this business has been chosen by many Indonesians. Of course we are tired of the old ways that seem ineffective.

In addition to the reasons for convenience and effectiveness, small capital is the reason why this one business is now chosen more. With minimal capital, the benefits obtained are also very large. This can be proven by online stores such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, and other online stores that can grow and dominate the niche of the Indonesian market and even throughout the world.

In addition to internet users in Indonesia, the number has also skyrocketed. Based on data released by the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (APJII), from around 262 million Indonesians, more than 50% have been connected to the internet. The data is in 2017, it can no longer be imagined how much the number of internet users for 2018. Of course with the increasing number of cyber users, it can have a positive impact on the development of your business.

In this article the author will provide information about online businesses that are predicted to develop and promise big profits in 2019. The several businesses are as follows:

Fashion and women are two things that cannot be separated. Every year women's fashion trends continue to change and experience many improvements. Obviously, this becomes a profitable business field if you can use it as well as possible. An example is the hijab, which is now trendy and not as ancient as it was in the past. Almost certainly the design of the hijab for 2019 is getting much better and more trendy.

To run this one business you can create fashion itself and sell it online. By creating, of course the selling price is definitely much higher than just selling back finished goods. But if you want to become a reseller then it's okay, you can still get a profit. For anyone who is literate about women's fashion trends, they can develop this business as well as possible to get maximum results.

Before the world of the internet was growing rapidly as it is today, the market might be one of the places to sell. But in a modern era like this, opening a store can be done online. Later this online store can be used as a place for you to open stalls. Indeed, to make an online store requires not a small amount of money, to make a truly professional online store requires a domain name and also web hosting.

But, you can still make an online store for free without being charged a penny. How to? Take advantage of the best Indonesian marketplace or online store sites like Bukalapak, Tokopedia, or Shoppe to make a shop there. Or you can promote your product through a forum trade sites such as ads id or Kaskus. This online store business is predicted to be more promising in 2019 with all the technological advancements that are very supportive.

Do you know about affiliate business? Affiliate is a commission-based sales business. If you succeed in selling an item or service through the affiliate, then money will be obtained. Maybe this business is still not popular for people. But if you want to learn it is actually very easy to do, even just need a smartphone.

The way to register yourself with one of the affiliate sites, the provider will provide an affiliate link that contains the link to the website address URL of the product owner. From that limk, you have to promote it and attract attention so that other people want to click and buy products that are sold by the affiliate owner. The more people you are interested in, the greater the profit you get.

If you have the ability to design something, whether it's a logo, shirt, banner, or other opening a business, this one is the right choice. With the skills you have, big companies are not impossible to glance and use your services. This one business does not require too much capital but can get maximum profit. To attract more consumers, you can offer it to online forums both Indonesian and overseas that are in need of a designer.

Bloggers may be in mind if someone is someone who writes articles or content for blogs. It's just that and nothing more. Even though a blogger can earn much more than an office worker. It's not as easy as turning your palm to make it happen and of course to succeed in the field of blogging you have to be able to get a lot of visitors to the blog. To make money from blogs, the way is by placing AdSense ads on blogs that you have or placing other types of ads, if visitors click on ads then you will receive income. Of course the challenge here is to increase the number of visitors to maximize the number of clicks.

Facts show that Indonesians prefer to watch videos rather than just reading writing. By making unique and quality videos you can get more visitors. Eleven twelve with bloggers, A Youtuber can get income from collaborative advertising both from Google Adsense and other companies. Innovation and creativity in making videos become one of the keys to success in becoming a Youtuber.

Indeed, we have to admit that building a startup requires a lot of capital. But it actually starts from a brilliant idea, you can master the market share of Indonesia and even the world. Try to look at companies like Tokopedia and Gojek who have managed to become business giants in Indonesia. The examples of this business are payment systems, trade services, application developers, and so on. In 2019, of course, the need for a startup business is increasing, so the preparation from now on so that you can compete well.

Do you know about resellers? Someone who resells the item he bought is what is called a reseller. Not just selling, you can sell these items at different prices. When it is sold, the seller gives a fee to the reseller according to the total price of the items sold. The road to being able to follow the reseller business is predicted to continue to exist and will always be there for the next few years.

Similar but not the same, that's the picture of the reseller and also the dropshipper. Both are often considered two things in common, even though they are actually different. To become a dropshipper, you don't need to first buy the seller's item. But, you just sell it, in other words here you are promoting goods sold by the seller. Many buyers obtained, the greater the profit gained.

It is no longer a secret if English is an international language used to communicate between countries. Mastery of English must absolutely be owned by people from all over the world, including in Indonesia. But in fact, there are still many who are fluent in speaking the language.

This condition can be utilized and can be a good business opportunity to be able to benefit. You can offer yourself as a translation service to translate text from English to Indonesian or vice versa. In 2019 these services will continue to be needed and promise more benefits in line with the many who need an interpreter.

If you want to develop what you have planned, then prepare the business from now on. The level of competition will certainly be even tighter in the next year, if you are still relaxing, don't expect the success of the business boss you are planning to be successful in the future. Not only planned, but good business is a business that is truly run. Take action and good luck for your business.