Select Common-Sense Keywords - Step Optimizing Websites for Search Engines to help and websites dedicated to philosophy, science, and art Search Engine Optimization (SEO). While this guide can be enlightening, however, they can be overwhelming and confusing. Part of my job as a media, marketing and PR specialists simplify the message, then here is what I have been distilled on the SEO world: 5 Step SEO

What it comes down to is this: Who will be looking for a product or service, and how they would do a search - that is, what keywords would they type into the search engines? Do not over-think it. If you run a business chocolate chip cookie, keyword search words will be obvious, such as chocolate chip cookies, desserts, baked goods, candy, chocolate, and so on. If your business has a geographic basis, the keyword will cover your area. If you are in the bakery Silverlake area of ​​Los Angeles, Calif., For example, you would use keywords such as Silverlake, Los Angeles, Central LA, California, and Southern California.