New Children 10 Years! Already can collapse Instagram - Can you imagine how chaotic beruntuk service Instagram photo if the user can at will delete comments or captions photo Instagram accounts belonging to other users.

Amazingly, it can be done by a boy who was 10 years old Finnish. This can be done by the boy by exploiting security bugs in the comments field Instagram. Lucky boy named Jani is not a whim. Jani precisely report its findings and demonstrate it to the Instagram team. Jani also gained a prize of 10,000 US dollars.
"I discovered that anyone's comments on Instagram can I delete, including Justin Bieber's comments though," said Jani, reported by The Guardian, Wednesday (04/05/2016) yesterday.

Jani himself is interested and continue to hone his abilities in the field of information security through a website Youtube video beruntuk. Loopholes on Instagram that he was informed in February and in March, the bug has been fixed.

Instagram is owned by Facebook does provide some money through the program 'bug bounty to anyone who can find and report security loopholes on Instagram. So far about 800 people have been getting money from the program with a total prize money already spent by 57 billion and Jani is the youngest person to receive the prize.