Simple Techniques Stance SEO, Backlink Search - SEO Tips, SEO Kick, Tricks SEO or whatever they are called, has actually been much discussed in the blogs of the "teacher". we are still learning to explore the science of SEO is actually not the one deserve to 'teach', so therefore in this seo article we just want to exchange our thoughts with buddies all who perhaps only stranded visiting his blog this.

Okay, let's start 'exchange of thoughts', as the title of this article 'simplification techniques SEO tactics'. Inspiring her from often we read the comments from bloggers who are studying seo blog the 'guru' like this: "how many bgt y way, what none has a little more?" Or "we have to start from where yes? ". nah quite ironic in our opinion, when it is enough SEO tactics are manifold, novices like us even confusion is not because they do not understand but the slightest pretext, "where to start?". Too many choices make a person confused, more confused than before.
So therefore we want to "exchange ideas" to my friend how to initiate and direct practice, this article is almost no theory because we're sure you already know all about SEO theory itself.
We will begin practice from here, we hope buddies all direct practice with the technique of "Read and Action".

Search backlink technique simplest:
Commenting on blogs that do follow the simplest technique in the search for backlink (this is our opinion, you can be different because, as already said, this is where brainstorming) .Why is the simplest way / simple? yes, what is hard is not just leave a comment? more simple than the technique "link exchange" or "link exchange" or technique "dummy blog".

Now you open if your blog is the blog in general, or if you blog in English. Already? if it is type "do follow blog list" (for common language blog) or type "do follow blogs list" (for English language blog). Select one of the blogs / web of results that appear and the happy coment !!

Note: when a pal leaving comments please leave your url + http: //. The most important thing is "anchor text" of his! anchor text is placed in the column name. for example you are targeting the keyword "seo blog". Then fill in the column name with the keywords that you want to shoot.

Already? if not please koment much as my friend can. if it is now the turn of koment on his blog dunk .... If you're lazy commented on his blog this GPP too, pal origin explain first why not commented.

Note: This is the simplest technique in our opinion. So it does not mean that after doing a trick on SERP results from your blog immediately became good. Remember, there is no easy way to success. However, this article made to simplify useful for beginners like this.