Mobilegeddon on Tuesday, April 21, 2015 will be launched by the search engine giant Google. When visitors come to your site suddenly began and the collapse in the day, you can download the latest Google algorithm guilt, Mobilegeddon.

Google, the search giant launched online dominates an algorithm to prioritize mobile home environment. This can be interpreted bahw people with smart phones do not find an online search of Google many of your favorite site at the top. Pages that have not been updated and is not supported mobile user is likely in the lower classes, which can ultimately hurt business.

Search engine giant Google, which comScore Media Metrix estimates a market share of 65% of US Internet searches. Internet users want to open a website fast and easy navigation on the phone screen.

Google has released an update algorithm Mobilegeddon because consumers will be able, not only the relevant and current content will be found, but also easy to read and interact both with the smaller mobile screen, "Google said in a statement.

Update Mobilegeddon not affect desktop search results. As is known, the most significant update to the Google algorithm, called Panda, has an impact of 11% in the results, "said Danny Sullivan, editor of the website Search." It was a terrible storm, and (Mobilegeddon) be more dramatic. "