The introduction of the applications of Google SketchUp - All of you already know SketchUp with Google applications. In addition, his friend is an architect of this application is no longer familiar. Google SketchUp is derived by the application of Google Inc. The advantages of this software is easy for users especially architects to make a sketch of the building and others.
Google SketchUp.
No less interesting new Google SketchUp with Google downgraded by holding a free version Sobh. Which of course is not the same as the free version dong with the paid version.

Several Google SketchUp Pro Google SketchUp is free. SKP and Google Earth. KMZ file format can be exported and enter the Pro version 0.3 ds, Dae, DWG, FBX, DXF, OBJ, XSI. WRL file format.

Google SketchUp can also save "images" model. BMP ,. PNG ,. Jpg ,. Tif, with the Pro version also supports. PDF, EPS, EPX, DWG, and. DXF.

What price SketchUp Pro.
When asked, the price may be affordable for the architect. Its price in my opinion, so it is tempting Sobh. When the count carried his kayak Motor Credit deh hehe buy. It is estimated at $590 US price Google SkecthUp.