Android version features Gmail 7, you can make your life easier. Never underestimate the case, manage your Andr oid cell phone Gmail application. After all, people want their e-mail rubber can easily be arranged so that there is a simple display, easy to use (user friendly) and comfortable viewing when they open the email. Rather than the complex and irregular chaotic care mailing list. It is very difficult user, from your boss, customers, or when important e-mail from friends and family hope.

Well, get comfortable and e-mail on a regular basis, there are some things that seem to be able to do. But before that, you should first make sure that you use Gmail e-mail application's official e-mail application. And to ensure that the application is up to date. If not, stay updated only once in Google Play store.

Well, if it is confirmed, we start now, step settings, Gmail application easy to use, clean and good vision.

1. Combined Inbox

Combined inbox is one step, so you can in the official Gmail app for Android manage e-mail on. With memerge your e-mail, you will be able to use your personal and corporate e-mail e-mail inbox combined. This way, you do not have to bother your Gmail account just check e-mail only.

To enable this feature, first you need to add the Google I (merge you want to e-mail), a pull-down menu in the upper left of the screen to add accounts. After that, make sure that the option "to see everything together enabled." However, despite the merger, you can see the e-mail account for each account under menu changes all the Inbox menu options.

2. Use the shortcut function

Not without reason Google will provide this feature in Gmail. It is to allow users in their activities, such as management of inbox, manage e-mail and so on. By using this feature, you will be able to more easily organize your Gmail inbox messages. As taken from dellet and drag to archive e-mail to the destination, or to order, some of the specific e-mail, archiving, sending, and so on.

3. Set up sync

Under normal circumstances, most people will really underestimate this feature. Or leave it in their phones tersetting default. However, if you're smart enough, then you probably will not do the same thing. Instead, you will replace the priority setting in this area. Imagine if every time a new e-mail you continue digangu through. Maybe this will disturb your rest time, or when you and your family. However, if you set up, you will receive a notification when your phone a new e-mail, of course, this can be avoided. You can set the time to be downloaded from your account update e-mail to your device, it must be set when you think it is the right time, so it will not ruin your day.

To set it, go to the Settings menu, then click on the Accounts menu. The next will come the words "roommate Google account associated with the device." Select which account to ensure that the function is activated, then you will be asked to choose, when Gmail application will retrieve your e-mail account and e-mail will be taken, or you can choose to do the exception of contacts. Such as contacts boss, family, and so on. In fact, you can also choose to display e-mail age, may be a week, a month or even a day.

4. Use the search more intelligent

Gmail application is also equipped with a smarter search function, it will be easier for you to do a search. The code for this function is as simple as possible, but does not confuse the user, because the format is very similar to most sites. For example, "older_than: 1Y", which will include e-mail, which includes a period of more than one year on the back, or "older_than: 1D", with e-mail you will find more than one day.

There are other commands, such as "is: important", will show the key message is labeled "are: asterisk," which will display the message asterisk. And there are many more commands, you can try

5. Use the mute function conversation

With this feature, you can hide some of the time you do not want to give a message or conversation. For example, if you do not want to receive e-mail on any weekend of the office, in the enjoyment of family holidays, or an important event or busy with important work.

To enable this feature, you can simply enter you want to mute, then click on the "More" menu (three vertical dots) in conversation. In addition, the menu list will appear, and you simply select the menu muted from the list. Mute messages will be hidden and stored in the archive from the receipt of the list of e-mail. But it still marked as unread. To revert to normal (closed mute function), you can do the same as before, the same thing. And find the e-mail, you can pass a list of e-mail through the search function or application-specific filters do.

6. Auto-suggest feature

There are more than one message at a job, this feature will help you. This feature will allow you to jump to a previous e-mail, when you read an e-mail. So, you do not need to return to the Inbox list, find an e-mail, you need one by one.

To activate it, you just need to enter the setup menu, then select General Settings menu. Then click on the menu automatically suggests. In addition, you will be asked to choose what kind of action will be carried out after the completion of reading the e-mail. There are three options, namely, to advance to the next message, open the message and return to the previous session (session list).

7. train to Gmail's inbox sort the list

Gmail will not show different, there are three options for the user's inbox. There columns impportant important messages in the Inbox, the Inbox column unimportant ordinary and columns Spam Spam. But it is undeniable that, sometimes, Gmail before they can put the wrong email to the wrong box. It is appreciated that the machine.

For example, such an important e-mail, rather than diampihkan spam, or junk e-mail inbox in general. Wow, disheveled not? Therefore, to overcome this, and you can train your Gmail become more intelligent. If the wrong column ordinary mail, simply open the message in question, and then select the right of the message settings menu. Next, select "mark as not important" and emailpun will return to its position. Also, if you find a spam e-mail is an important or regular mail, you can do the same as before, the same thing. However, this time, is "Mark important" or "not spam report" and pesanpun will return it should it choose.

It does not bother anyway, because Gmail from this action will be to "learn." He will remember your actions, and will repeat the same thing, or the implementation of such action is similar to every email, such as from the same sender, for example.