Inotia saga brought to the next level in the fourth RPG adventure !

Which side will you choose when two power to get back on its feet ?
Inotia saga brought to the next level ! " Inotia 4"

Go along with Kiyan , virtuoso shadow Tribe and photocopying, influential channel light , the imaginative adventure story .
With improved graphics and storyline from the previous series , the fight against goblins , orcs and more can get involved !

A new hero is waiting to be released from his shadow , or not ... Inotian continent RPG action game of all - new phone!

★ Supports: Bahasa Inggeris , 한국어 ,日本语,中文 简体,中文 繁体.

Feature Highlights
  • Class 6, 90 skill
Choose from 6 classes , the Black Knight , Assassin, Warlock , Priest, and Ranger .
15 different capabilities that have been added for each class. Mix all the skills to customize your party strategy.
  • Convenient party system
Mercenaries can to make your party at any time and anywhere recruited.
After all mercenaries recruited 20 or more "mercenary skills ' unique will help you on your journey.
  • One of the largest mobile RPG Maps
Desert dry and frozen snow - , Forest and mysterious dark basement ...
Browse to 400 cards with different themes !
  • A Tragic Destiny and the other wait schema shadow assassin and channel of light
A run- chase story breathlessly , where two heroes meet their friends , enemies and monsters , are dipped in dark and bright emotions as the opposite happens ...
Enjoy , scenarios that are stronger and better.
  • Exclusive Sub - Quests completed disassembled
Enjoy Under - other quests in each continent region Inotian other big stories.
When you reach the quests , you will get your hands on some incredible post.
Listen to unfold the history of their country and other monsters secret.
  • End of the story is a journey into a New Beginning : Infinite Dungeon for hardcore gamers
Cleaning the rest of the story ? Get ready for a new start in the Infinite Dungeon !
5 different memory layer , you will move into battle from the past ... but differently next time .
Fight villains be even more violent and smellier than the main story , the master Inotia !

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