Your Diet to Reduce Works : Forget all the dazzling displays product must be food. The only way to successfully lose weight by reducing calories.

Variations in body weight as a result of consumption of more energy than is used. Our system converts excess food into fat and put on pounds. Your body is actually protected by storing food to prevent starvation if you do not get enough to eat. Works very well in the old days, when people are hungry, but there was often in those days, and the result is a nation suffering from obesity.

If you want to lose weight you need to consume more energy than it consumes. Sounds simple right? It's simple, how many calories per day, people have to be reduced in order to lose weight? Well, it depends on the individual to some extent. When you lose weight under medical supervision should seek medical advice.

If you try to do this alone, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that all adults have at least 1200 calories a day. If you try a little of this, your body may think you are hungry, in fact, slowing down your metabolism. This prevents you from losing excess weight.

Diets, ie those which would be limited to less than 1000 per day produced initially in rapid weight loss. But you will be miserable and hungry, and the results are neither sustainable nor healthy.

The more deficit between the amount of food you eat and the energy we consume can lead to more weight loss. But studies show that if you reduce your weight by 1-2 pounds per week, you are more likely to maintain a waist circumference of your new. So if you increase your activity level does not need to have to reduce calories is huge. It will also keep your muscles and helps to burn fat and increase your metabolism.

You can reduce just the way you eat and cook. Most of us rely too much on canned foods and fast food. They contain a lot of hidden fats and sugars. It's healthier and less expensive to cook from scratch at home. You can reduce the consumption of fat and low-fat milk in recipes instead of the full version. You probably will not notice the difference. With tomato sauce also helps eat pasta and brown rice compared to white versions.

Fruits and vegetables contain fewer calories and less fat. Increased consumption of juice over salads and juices. They are great for filling us and we, more than a little effort in the preparation of our meals are delicious to eat little and often to keep carbs for breakfast and lunch, not dinner.

So if you are serious about this new format, try calorie restriction diet for yourself.