Weight Loss Myths and Facts - Myths about weight loss doing the rounds all over the place, and never fail to do because there are more people affected are in search of easy ways to lose weight, and a lot of false theories going around. Here are some of the myths about weight loss, along with the relevant data.

Myths about exercise:

Myth: Exercise when done on a empty stomach results in more fat burning.

Fact: Weight loss is said to be effective when they burn the calories consumed in the same day, regardless of how they were burned. The effect of exercise on an empty stomach is the same as with a full stomach. Studies have shown that reducing the increased metabolism in the anaerobic exercise seen by food. This means that more energy is used for digestion, not to repair muscle.

Myth: The more you practice, the more useful.

Truth: This is not true. Although each session is a good practice for the individual, and there is a level and pace appropriate to ensure optimal results. After the optimal level, exercise can be counterproductive by not allowing the body to cope with the pressures caused by exercise, which may in fact be detrimental to weight loss.

Myth: Muscle turns to fat after you stop exercising.

Truth: This is not true. Muscle, as a matter of fact, it can become fat because they are completely different types of tissue. In this process is interrupted, the muscles contract, but do not disappear. If your calorie intake, and it really does not burn as fat deposits.

Myth: The more you sweat, and work harder.

True: This is incorrect, as is the ability to cool the body perspiration. Sweat can be the result of many factors, such as body temperature, and the type of work performed, and the storage of fat in the body, and the ambient temperature, the type of clothing for exercise and exercise intensity to do .

Myth: Drinking water during exercise can lead to cramps.

Fact: If more liters of drinking iced water once during exercise can cause cramps. And so it is good to drink water, respectively, before, during and after exercise, and to replace lost fluids and avoid the discomfort of the injury.

Myth: Exercise done to tone the abdominal muscles also tones rumen.

Fact: When doing abdominal exercises for this area only loosened up. Burning fat in the body and reducing the abdomen. Fat reduction occurs equally in all parts of the body and there is the possibility of reducing the angle.