Types of Forex Trading Systems : In this article, while the type of trading system that is often used in the production of robot expert advisor trading are. The system is usually done in the style and character of individual negotiation, and the system can be used in a program as a commercial robot (EA) is designed. Therefore, to understand the nature of - a kind of trading system before consultants is important. This is the kind of trading system that is often used by traders.

Martingale System
Martingale System or also known as the compensation system, the principles and concepts of how they did compensate by opening a new position in the same direction, the use of multiple lots. Hoping for a new place to bring in profits, and profits can be used to close the losses.

Open Buy EUR / USD at 0.1 Lot 2100 prices, but prices to levels that were floating loss 2050-50 (less than 50 pips). Then go back to buy many open 0.2 in 2050 prices at this time. So now two open position. The first position is a floating loss of -50 and 0 second position if the price then rises to 2100 and then the first is 0 (BEP), and the second-profit 100 (0.2 x 50 points = 100 many | many- Nuclear 0.2 after 1 = $ 2).

Speculation System
This system is generally defined as a system of fleas. This type of trading is very active and usually only 2-15 pips a small profit. Trader positions shops in minutes, even seconds. Dealer principle, albeit a small profit, but since it is made with high frequency, total benefits gradually to the mountain.

We've opened a Sell GBP / USD at a price of EUR 3.500 and 0.2 lots, then the price dropped to 3490. For lovers of resale, will be closed immediately, before the price returns to trend. This is because in this situation, $ 10 dealer profit made (although many of the 0.1, then one pip is $ 1).

The dealer who works Forex Scalping system known as resellers. And if we are talking about, there are two types of rose files, namely:

  • Active Scalper
Active is get resellers who sell dozens of times a day. The retailer interested in analyzing the signals and the relationship usually stubborn.
  • Skinner passive
Passive Dealer that many seeds prefer quality over quantity. So the only time in favor of the merchant, he gets a big win (and very large). Make Trade taxable dealer only 2-3 times a day.

It is much needed attention speculator is the speed of the connection to the server forex broker to find a broker with low spreads, has a range of 1-2 points. Because speculators have small goals, relationships and distribution is very important.

Coating System
Scope of the system is an open condition in which two opposing positions (buying and selling) in the same currency and the same batch. Coating is used when the price reverses direction and merchants will increase in size without the loss, reduction of loss.

Suppose you open a buy EUR / USD with a lot of 0.1 was then price to reverse (below). And the position of the floating core 15 losses. Next, comes an open sell these lots. The loss - at lock 15 pips. While the price moves in any direction, which lies at the level of 15 pips

System Long Term
The system takes advantage of price fluctuations in the long run. Typically, the time horizon is of the order of several weeks to several months. This system often favored by swing traders and position traders.