Doing Behalf of Forex Trading : Those involved in the foreign exchange market is not just a few people, but a lot of good games, jazz and non-institutional nature of the Board. Party - a party is to have to do some operations in the foreign exchange market (Forex). Many sites that are good forex trading course is intense competition for each participant to achieve the same purpose, benefit, should have. The following parts are jazz market Forex - each:

Central Bank
Central bank is interested in the foreign exchange market to stabilize the exchange rate. This activity is mainly in countries that profess the fixed exchange rate and managed floating. Therefore, the extent to which the role of the central bank in the foreign exchange market depends on the speed of the system? There are two types of exchange rate system, ie exchange rate regime (system of fixed exchange rates) and a system of floating exchange rates system (floating rate) is often mentioned in the literature fixed.

A fixed exchange rate, the role of the central bank to keep the currency risk of the country that are not lightning has changed. Therefore, the system of fixed exchange rate then varies tolerated, providing exchange width of the rays, but fluctuation only to the upper limit (upper band) and lower limit (lower band) as the limit of bank center. If the exchange rate moves up from the upper reaches of the band up or down to the lower band, the Central Bank intervened in the foreign exchange market to lower sales and exchange rate risks or to purchase actions to be taken to increase the speed.

Commercial Bank
Commercial banks have foreign currency, while the exploitation of a product or service in exchange as savings, deposits, FX, FX, transfer or L / C. In Indonesia, commercial banks are authorized foreign exchange, collection and providing other services relating to the allocation of funds to the change in currency other than Rupees name. As a service company, the main purpose of foreign banks is clear to provide the best possible service to its customers. Ministry of foreign banks including FORMA is to provide information about the cost of currency conversion receives services (sales - purchases) of foreign exchange spot and forward transaction deposits unity, unity lending in foreign currency to facilitate international trade and t. etc., and the like.

The bank rate, it is important to carefully manage cash flows, wax foreign currency composition of the desired level. The imbalance can occur if the cash flows incoming foreign currency (input), higher (or lower) from foreign currency (used in). To compensate, Bank its assets in a particular currency to convert the fund has assets in another currency. You can disable this can be done in cash or currency markets.

Industrial non-Financials
For businesses, the need for foreign exchange export company as a whole - what to do import and currency trading. Non-financial corporations (eg manufacturing company) is the inclusion of the foreign exchange market is a result of its activities in interstate commerce. Trade between countries is an activity of exchange of goods from one State to another State. For each country, the very money having its own currency in the country involving interstate commerce exchange one currency against another currency. That is, if you want to import goods produced by other countries, we must first change their commercial tools (eg coins produced in the country to pay for it).

Citizens and investors
People should have a personal interest in their overall rate of exchange at the time or money to travel abroad. If you go to another country, they will automatically buy goods or pay rent and hire transport in the currency of the destination, or even money for children in public education. The exchange rate used for the benefit of this is the spot exchange rate is in the bank or money changer, where it converts FX. While investors who need their currency effects Spend typically invest in securities or foreign currency.

Yorkshire and the international financial markets is a working person spends a bank to buy and sell currencies or instruments - financial instruments to leverage in large or small quantities of various risks. Banks and non-Dealer Comments are able to work well in the interbank market (interbank market) and commercial customers (customer market) to take advantage of the difference between the sale price and the purchase price of the FX. Traders usually by bank employees in the operating room (Finance), dedicated to the service is a lot of money in large quantities (wholesale) and small (retail) play. One of the distributors job is to accept and execute orders (order) by or on behalf of the office client.

Sold speculators Activities money is simple - the eyes of benefit from currency fluctuations. Speculators buy and sell goods not for use, but it is expected that short-term gains of any changes in the cost of money. Traders dealer located in speculator, but not necessarily the dealer speculators. Quantity is often blamed speculators declared the cause of an event - an event not want to be the best criminal qualified for the event - the event is the dealer. Trader is a state of existence, and speculator is a state of being and speculators image is not good or bad, but it's true or false.