Conventional Forex Trading : After the development, the environment, particularly at the margin and forex trading information communication technology has also changed from the conventional to the Internet. FX has not left the traditional way, especially for those who have not mastered the application, conventional forex trading remains an option.

What is meant by conventional physical trading Forex trading, do it. The presence of investors in the business or trade, not a conventional Forex trading is done to get the price quote for the use of manipulation. Trying quote is computer and contains information about the development of the stock market and news relating to or having an impact on the Forex trading system.
Implementation can handle the physical trading room, a place that has a computer-controlled quote earlier. Sales records and veins can do physically, investors try room and orders a place in the squad. Or just call the infirmary.

Because one day require the physical presence of the investor gives the broker or futures broker forex operations room deal is usually to look at the price movement is equipped with screening facilities, and carry the phone in the deal. Although said to be conventional, the generation of foreign currency transactions may not have the physical presence of investors who use the phone outside the dealing room, at home.

In conventional forex trading is a contract value of $ 100,000 Therefore, the margin required is also relatively large. As discussed previously in calculating the size of the trading operating margin is 1% of the contract value. Thus, a contract valued at 100 USD, 000 initial margin requirement of $ 1, 000