Understanding Forex Brokers : Broker or commonly referred to as an intermediary or broker is a party that bridges the transaction. As it is known that the forex market is the biggest financial market in the world where daily turnover of approximately 3 trillion USD. So, what to do with a Broker?

Forex brokers and of course have a fairly close relationship. To trade Forex trading, it can be through a medium. Media is exactly what is called a Broker or Brokerage firm where he connects with actors forex foreign exchange market.

Broker is an individual or a company that buys and sells orders according to the trade decision. For the services that the broker earn good money obtained from the commission or any fees charged for services they provide system. Thus, in general there are three elements in forex trading forex itself the perpetrator, the forex market and media that connects subject and object forex. For more details, it can be seen from the following illustration:
However, there is one thing to know that not all transactions to brokers who bridge the real currency market but he only uses them for their own market or also known as market makers (market maker).

Thus a trader who wants to jump into the forex trading broker must know the ins and outs of whether competent or not, whether official or just a scam (scam). Due to a mistake in choosing Broker course a trader will experience losses. But the truth is, regardless of the purpose of deceiving or playing forex traders, brokers quality official nan has a very important role in determining the direction of success in the forex trader.

So, in addition to careful in choosing who will be the partner Broker, a trader must also instill a sense of trust and friendship with the Broker.