Tips on Choosing a Broker or Broker : Broker or dealer that is registered in the Indonesian legal agent or permission of the BBJ, Bappebti and KBI. If the broker is not registered and the license can be classified as illegal racers. Brokers are generally illegal and KBI BAPPEBTI not listed in the BBJ, transactions abroad without permission, the office location is not clear, it is not clear contact with the media and many other features. In addition, select one of the listed broker who has a clean and regulatory filings. A solid financial foundation.

Some tips for choosing a broker that is:
  1. Brokerage illegal does not mean that no offices / PT license. Therefore, it is questionable also the official permission of the BBJ, BAPPEBTI, and KBI. Do not be too fooled by the words that the necessary permits are in process.
  2. Do not be quick to believe the promise of sweetness, especially in the case of huge profits in a short time.
  3. Recognize those who see you (ask for the phone numbers to call).
  4. Request a license number and check with BAPPEBTI.
  5. Ask for the name of the brokerage firm assigned him.
  6. Learn the document following the brokerage company profile performance.
  7. Learn document notification of the risk.
  8. Learn customer agreement documents.
  9. Ask specifically for the customer's account number.
  10. Ask the surveillance system and the settlement of customer complaints.
  11. Learn the characteristics of forex trading itself.

Here are some tips on choosing a Forex broker or broker, may be useful and successful Greetings!