Tips For Google Adsense is not Banned : How do I get adsense banned by Google is not in this way so as not to violate TOS way ok, and Tips For Google Adsense is not banned - Google Adsense is a program of cooperation held by Google. This afternoon I will give Google Adsense Tips that you will not be banned because I've got banned many times ama Google Adsense.

Here are the Tips For Google Adsense is not banned:
  1. Never click on adsense alone, or ask others to do the adsense clicks for any reason.
  2. Do not change the Adsense code.
  3. Has banned more than one account. One Account for quite a few websites / blogs.
  4. Do not Violate TOS (Terms of Service) Adsense, together with its Code of Conduct violation Adsense.
  5. Never Follow Program Click Farm, which is a group that turns publiser nge Adsense clicks adsense ads to their own friends, or commonly referred to as a social gathering click.
  6. Do not Click Bot Using the software, or a robot that can go and click adsense ads on the web site in accordance with our orders.
  7. Do not use clickers or services to third parties who are paid to click ads adsense alone.
  8. Do not use auto surf program in order to get as much targeted traffic Putting Adsense on the page does not content, as posted on the registration, Terms and Conditions, login or Thank You
  9. Do not Install Competitors Contextual ads (ads that match the content content) in the same page on the website. That include contextual ads such YPN (Yahoo Publisher Network), if non contextual ad is allowed
  10. Do not openly Displays (screen shoot) CTR, Impression, and others. But for total earnings allowed
  11. Do not Ignore the e-mail from Adsense, Adsense Team while waiting for a reply email us.
  12. Do not Put Adsense code on sites such as illicit drug sites, porn sites, cult, terrorists, and others - others. Remember, Adsense using Family savety flow, can be accessed by all members of the family.
  13. Do not use words - words or images that lure visitors to click ads, such as: "click here", "visit here" or "please support us". Words - words that allowed adsense is: "sponsored links" and "advertisements"
  14. Do not Put more than 3 ad units, 2 ad link and 2 search google in 1 website.
  15. Do not Use Spyware to get Site Traffic. Spyware, Adware, Malware or whatever name he may call his work when the computer is first turned on, when the spyware can automatically search engines could run for calling our site.
  16. Do not put adsense adjacent to the image / thumb images.
  17. Do not send adsense ads via email.
  18. Should not open a new window when someone clicks on an ad.
  19. Placing adsense ads on a web page / blog. Should not put adsense ads as popup / popunder and the like.
  20. Website / blog must have a Privacy policy.
  21. Do not make the Adsense ads as alternate ads. For example you from Chitika ads / other ... then when the ad can not appear, in use as an alternative adsense her ad.
  22. Avoid excessive advertising and keyword overload.
  23. Do not Ever Put the picture on Next to Adsense Ads.
  24. Do not Ever Give Wrong title on your ad.
  25. Do not Ever Put Adsense in Page Not Have Enough Content.