These Mistakes In SEO Optimization : This blog is part of the optimization has been in need for beginner bloggers in this article regarding SEO Tips, I will write about the mistakes in an effort to optimize SEO. Here are a few SEO mistakes that may not be noticed by a webmaster of a website / blogger that can lower ranking position in the Search Engine, the following 10 errors:

Forget the Title Tag
Usually does not fill properly tag title or vacate his or also fill it with javascript.

Targeting the Wrong Keywords
This mistake made by a reasonable expert in SEO or webmaster itself. The mistake is to target keywords that he considers good, but not necessarily other people looking for that keyword.

A net full flash site that forgetting html element
Web with full flash is good, but better also if an html element included.

Javasript Menu
Menu created with javascript is good, but not readable by Search Engine bots.

Not consistently maintain / pay attention to SEO competition
Usually we forget or fall asleep with the position that we managed to achieve.

SPAM men too meta tag

Many people think that filling in the meta tags with keyworditu many positive results, but it is useless, because the Search Engine algorithm will base its rating on the content page itself.

Using Picture for Heading
This is wrong because the Search Engine bots can not read the picture, so make no H1 or H2 element of it, it is more useful.

Forget the URL
We do not understimate the net URL if we formed a dynamic site such as index.php? Page = 1 rating one can not, because it is still possible dynamic URLs can occupy one rating, but it would be nice if the URL itself are called keywords or SEO friendly URLs .

Forgetting Keyword
Should we give strong bold tags on our web net page keyword, because Google noticed this tag.

Backlink Spamming
Many people think that making farm pagelink no effect to net what our site. This is wrong, because google will check page our page and if it finds a link farm, then google will reduce / lower the rating the net position of our site.

So, hopefully you can add a reference to SEO optimize your website or blog.