SEO Link Popularity : Our previous Link Popularity with the world in the search engines and link building however the growing discussed is what should be learned for both the newbie blogger and master.

This article I will discuss about Link Popularity, which is one of the SEO factors. Link Popularity is popularity or the number of links leading to your website / blog. The higher the link popularity of our blog, the easier it is to be accepted on our blog site broker Paid Review sites and the more likely that we have to get the order review paid, there is discussion on Paid Review Paun I will discuss in the next article, which is one of tricks reap dollars from the internet through our blog.

There are many methods or techniques to improve link popularity of your blog in the not so long ago. Before we discuss techniques to improve link popularity blog, there are some terms you need to know. The following terms will be frequently used term for the subject of SEO and link popularity.
  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique for improving the ranking of a blog on search engine sites.
  2. Link Popularity is the number of links that go to our blog.
  3. Page Rank is an algorithm created by Google to measure the importance of a blog or website. High or low Page Rank relies heavily on the quality and quantity of link popularity of a blog. Page rank has a scale of 0-10, where 0 is the lowest level of page rank and 10 is the highest page rank.
  4. A dofollow link types are counted by the search engines as a link that can boost the page rank sebuag blog or website.
  5. Nofollow is a link type that does not affect page rank blog or website, but nofollow links will count as a blog popularity.
  6. Backlinks are links that point or go to our blog or website, and many bloggers do by way of exchange links among bloggers.
After understanding the term specific terms will often be found when running SEO techniques. Next we'll learn some powerful techniques to increase link popularity on your blog or website. The outline that we discussed include backlink profile and Social Bookmarking Sites. Profile backlinks and discussion about Social Bookmarking sites.