Psychology of Forex Trading : In Forex Trading is like a game of fun and Psychology of Forex is very important for players to target a close primary. It is normal that as humans we want to immediately get back what you just lost. But in the world of forex trading, it is very dangerous. Open position, loss, and then open it again, it could be would backfire, where instead of getting back the lost capital, even the fall and suffered even greater losses.

Patience is the key here, where we should be able to control your emotions, stay calm, and wait for when to enter the market again. Later it will be time for us to do Regain or regain our lost capital. Remember, that in trading, discipline is very important. How do we formulate a strategy and then implement these strategies in our trading. Often, due to loss, let alone several times experienced loss streak, we started "hot", steeped in emotion, so the discipline was no longer considered.

Hence, we as mental trader also needs to be trained, if it is used, then by itself patience will remain intact, and the impact we can remain calm and disciplined despite loss. Perhaps the best way, after a loss, leave the screen for a moment, refreshing, and then re-analyze or wait for tomorrow. It should also be underlined, 2 or 3 times a loss does not mean we are wrong strategy, may have been the condition of the market is not in accordance with the strategy adopted. So, lets wait for a while.

Veteran traders were certainly not happy with the name loss, only experience and maturity they make them know and remain patiently awaits the next moment. They did not allow himself to be mocked by the market. Thus, it can be concluded that, we have to throw away the name of anger, let alone whose name vengeance. Because this one will bring us to a sense of "Oh, loss yes, okay if I proved I could profit" and if less lucky, it could double our losses, which could have been avoided if we are patient.