Operating System Forex Trading : Problems in Forex currency trading discussion of operating systems available today, it is far below in the discussion, we know that initially will understand:

Profit vs. Loss
Income for, If you look at trade in goods occurs, which means that if you pay today to receive the goods on the same day, the concept of Cash & Carry, and then market Forex Futures (Futures), current payment and the goods shipped over later today, according to the agreement . The difference between the payment and delivery of goods is the reason for the price difference will be a source of profit from foreign exchange transactions.

In the currency futures market were big gains and losses that do not occur if you do not work or close a position to give. This contrasts with the front cover should the completion of the agreed delivery time. Execution official name used, the settlement of foreign currency transactions can be at any time. For example, a month later we found the price of the dollar means a loss of USD 8,000 to USD 1,000 and if it is in liquidation. Therefore, we may suspend, at least for the next few days, the dollar price increases. When a week later corrected estimate of the dollar price rose to 10,000 rupees, then it can settle and put the profit of 10,000 rupees.

Liquidation Time
Settlement time, At the completion of the above, we look forward to a month, even adding another week. Then Forex trading requires a lot of time? The answer is no, even within a few minutes we were able to delay the liquidation, if we reduce the profit or loss or are forced to sell because he needed money. This is an opportunity to become rich suddenly realized, and instead could fall into poverty immediately.

In the above example, the U.S. dollar acts as goods as rupee act as payment. Foreign exchange market, the dollar often act as money and other currencies to trade in goods. When we are in Indonesian rupiah is always money. Maybe even three transactions (triangular arbitrage). For example, we buy yen (as a commodity) U.S. Dollar We want to make (cash), the purchase of our first dollar. Once you get the money used to buy yen. After the yen, we can use it to buy dollars when using their money in Indonesia.