How to Increase Link Popularity : How to increase traffic on the present must be in a nice way and do not use any robot master and most bloggers use a clean way and partly manual should wait for how to properly indexed.

Many roads lead to Rome. Classic proverb is very suitable to describe how many ways for techniques to improve Link Popularity of a blog or website. However, we will only practice techniques that will give satisfactory results. Techniques to be covered include Profile Backlinks and Social Bookmarking Sites, as promised me to write a follow-up article of Link Popularity.

Profile Backlink
Backlink Profile is a technique to improve the link popularity of a blog with a very easy and effective. In short, backlink profile will get a link from your profile page on another website or web-based 2.0 2.0.

Web 2.0 is an advanced website development which emphasizes the element of interaction between the user's website and also the ability to bridge the users to write their own content. One form of Web 2.0 can be seen in virtual communities like Live Journal, Facebook, MySpace, and many more. Since there are so many virtual communities on the internet that we can use as a place to embed backlinks to your blog, this time we will try to embed backlinks in one virtual community, namely Live Journal, How the registration please refer here.

Social Bookmarking Sites

Profile backlinks addition, techniques to increase the link popularity of a blog or website that effectively is to register our blog on Social Bookmarking Sites. One example of Social Bookmarking Sites is, please register your blog there.

Digg addition, there are several Social Bookmarking sites are worth a try as,, and much more, please search on google and register your blog on Social Bookmarking Sites. If your buddy has done a Backlink Profile process and publish articles on article on Social Bookmarking sites consistently, then as long as 3-4 weeks we will be flooded backlink blog hehe ... Good luck!!!