How to create Email in Gmail and Yahoo! Mail : Mail or commonly abbreviated electronic mail (Electronic mail or electronic mail) is a means of sending a letter sent through a computer network (the Internet). Email was adopted in 1960. At that time, the Internet has not been established, there is only a collection of "mainframe" are formed as a network. Beginning in the 1980s, electronic mail can be enjoyed by the general public. Nowadays many companies heading in different countries due to decreased income communities are not using postal services anymore.

Have an email for me is mandatory, in addition to having a role as a medium for sending letters and documents, with email you can create or signing up for a variety of social networking virtual world, for example if you want to create a Google Plus Account, Facebook, Twitter and more then it must have an e-mail, besides that if you are an online business or blogger will first need to have an email. It is also necessary when you want to start a Forex business. Before plunging into the world of forex trading then the first step to do is to sign up to a company or a broker / broker that which requires an email.

Here are simple steps to make an email.

Creating email in Google Mail or Gmail
  1.  Visit the registration page Gmail
  2.  Fill your details to complete, from the First name, Last name, select the email address that will be used (example: for password / passphrase, Date of Birth (Year-Month-Date) Sex, phone number and your country.
  3. Tick ​​/ check the column: Approval of Terms of Service and Privacy Policy then press the "Next Step"
  4. Before the process is complete then the google will verify with your new email through the registered mobile phone number.
  5. Choose verification via Call (Call) or short message (SMS) to the verification code sent to your mobile phone.
  6. If you've received the code, enter the column that has been available and click the "Continue" button
  7. Congratulations Your new email has been successfully created.
  8. Please Login / Sign in with your email address and password that you have registered.

Creating Email in Yahoo! Mail or Ymail
  1. Visit the registration page of Yahoo Mail
  2. Fill your details to complete, from the First name and Last name (this serves as your email address).
  3. The "Select your Yahoo! ID", in this section there is an option to be used for your email address, namely:;; and
  4. Enter the password / passphrase and repeated in the "re-enter your password"
  5. Enter the date of birth in the format (Date / Month / Year)
  6. Select the gender and country where you live.
  7. Enter your phone number and alternate email then click "Create My Account"
  8. On the next page, please make two secret questions that you will remember, is intended in the event of a problem with the email account, it will be necessary for recovery process your email.
  9. Type the letters and numbers that appear in the available space.
  10. Finally click the "Finish" and welcome your new Yahoo email account was successfully created.
Such simple steps make email in Gmail and Yahoo Mail, good luck and if there is less understandable please post the question in the comment box below. May be useful

Email has at Google.Inc allow you access various Google products such as Google+, YouTube, Blogger, and others. Google Accounts include Gmail address and Google profile that will help you get a richer experience and more personalized across Google products.