Google Ping - Making Blog Ranking 1 on Google : Why Blog in need right now Ping - the answer is because many new competitors growing SEO backlinks that have a high or good. What is a ping? Ping is the meaning of short whistling whistling as we know it could mean calling. So what is Google's Ping? Meaning is calling ping google google search engine robots (search engines) to explore the google website page or blog ping to google it. Actually if a website or blog we've listed and there sitemap (site map) in google via google webmaster tools tools then do not do the robot also ping google will index any new page of our website blog or website.

It's just that there is a shortage if we expect the robot to come alone to index new pages of our blog google robot will then usually come alone without a definite time limit, meaning can not be sure when it comes, can be quickly and can also be long. Even more quickly if it great, but if this is so old that the problem will result in a new page of our old blog indexed google. If the effect is what we long blog indexed by search engines, especially Google? It is obvious, because it is not or has not indexed the opportunity to bring traffic from google search engine will not be around for a new page of our blog has not been indexed by google or google has not entered in the database.

Thus the need for notification to the robot google or commonly called Googlebot with fancy term by the webmaster is a ping to google website and blog so we can quickly spidered by google robots (Googlebot) and rapid entry database google search results. As for how to ping Google consisted of 2 types:
  • Automatically ping Google 
  • Ping Google Manual
Currently, many services of a website that provides facility services to ping Google. For example ping services include: mypagerank dam. Many webmasters rarely use the automatic ping service for the automatic and the name of a third party in the sense not of the Google of course will not provide good results. Why? Because it can be a third-party service ping does not work properly and can not summon the robot google. For that many webmasters are advised to manually ping ping manually cause a ping through the service of Google itself and of course the google will prioritize any website or blog that ping from where Google itself from the other third party.

We often do the trick optimization blog post after updating the latest post. Proved after using Google ping ping no later than 24 hours articles are indexed search engine Google.

As for how to automatically ping google, can follow the following ways:
  • Go to Google Ping page:
  • Fill in the "Blog Details" such as:
          Blog Name: Fill with your blog name
          Blog Homepage: Fill with your Blog Url
          RSS URL (optional): Fill with your blog feed url
          Email (required for some): Fill in your email address
  • After all filled out completely, you simply tick the "Service to Ping". Click "Check All" to select all.
  • Once everything is in check, the contents chapta then click on "Send Pings" then ping the blog we will be in the process.
As for how to manually ping to Google is as follows:
  1. Click the Google Blog Search Pinging Service
  2. Enter the url page that will ping Google
  3. Finish and wait a while the robots Google or Googlebot will soon visit your blog pages to crawl before you send the url (ping)
  4. Congratulations new page of your blog is listed in the index google and have entered in the Google database.
A few simple ways to do the trick in order to ping a web page / blog we can quickly indexed by the major search engines by Google SE, may be useful.