Fundamental Analysis : Forex players have a lot to receive information that might help in fundamental analysis is based on the analysis of the security situation and the economic, political, and global, as well as any country in the world, especially in countries with a strong currency, America States, Canada, United Kingdom , Switzerland, Japan, China, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

Fundamental Analysis
Fundamental analysis requires creativity and art in itself is important to consider whether the information is the factors that will affect the disclosure of currency fluctuations. It is the principles of fundamental analysis:

Chain Reaction
Greater impact on the flow of information, the greater the impact on the exchange rate.

Distance Information
The closer the information to the single currency, the greater the influence of such information. For example, the information that comes in Indonesia would be a greater impact on the exchange rate as compared to information from abroad.

News Source
More official news source, the stronger the effect on the exchange rate.

Types of News
Strong effects of economic news on the exchange rate as compared to other news, such as political, social or cultural.

The basic procedure for analysis through all the information including things that are not rational at times need to be collected to be used as a tool to predict exchange rate movements. Basically, this information will affect the demand and supply of foreign currency in the country. While fundamental analysis is a method of continuously updated information available. Media in connection with the information depends on the availability to us. However, for this information FOT will always be available in the view menu.

To obtain baseline data, traders typically use the information provided by some media. Media usually add a comment review and price forecasts due to the influence of these indications. Fundamental analysis (fundamental analysis). Through these methods will be conducted to predict price action and market trends by analyzing economic indicators, government policy and other factors that affect the economic fundamentals. Fundamental analysis studying the cause of market movement, while technical analysis to study the effect of market movements.