Forex Technical Trend Analysis : One of the principles of the technical analysis is the trend in price and it is the foundation to be used for trend analysis tools are related to the main trend, secondary and marginal. Main trend is the biggest trend for more than a year, and the secondary trend is moderate trend to continue for three weeks to three months and is often associated with the movement against the main trend. Trends seafood often less than three weeks, and is associated with secondary movements in trend. For more information, we'll discuss one by one.

Major Trends
In theory, the Dow, the main trend is a major trend in the currency market. The main trend will affect the secondary and minor trends. Main trend will end and become rough when the price breaks the line of no trend line (support). But if the price does not break the trend line (support), the price will rise (bullish).

Average Trends
Average trend is useful as a corrective to the general public (primary). Movement in the opposite direction of the main trend. Since the secondary trend is a trend in the average duration is only three weeks to three months after that trend investor / trader can benefit in the medium term. If the higher price first, to be followed by the second highest bidder. However, if the second-highest price is lower than the highest price, the price will tend to fall (bearish).

Minor Trends
The current level of the Dow Theory is a small trend. This trend lasted less than three weeks. If the first highest price higher than the second highest, and when prices break the trend line of support services (maintenance), then the price will go down. Conversely. Apply a small trend is less important or not so focused on the Dow Theory. They tend to focus on medium to long-term development, as well as primary and secondary.