Discipline In Forex Trading Rules : Hello all What's up fella all bloggers, on this occasion I will write about Rules Discipline in trading Forex, and this is one of the very important role in the success of our trading, and therefore with this article, we can all apply in making Trading Forex . Please be listened to either:

1. We will pay for the discipline.

No need to have a GPA of 5.0 in order to be successful in the Forex market. Market pay only a matter of our discipline. Only one. And yes, that is what it is only here on discipline, and the market will find yourself.

2. If the ball is not round.

If you educate only 9 out of 10 trades, then surely it can not be said that discipline. When we say, "I quit smoking", but still like to hide to smoke that name yet quit. Learn to trade in any discipline.

3. Do not treat burns with fire.

If the market is not what we expect, why should fit exacerbated by the opening of the same position continuously, even with much higher? Quit or reduce their number. Inagt, the money you spend, not on paper.

4. Do not give luck.

We've done everything. The market has given us money in the direction you are moving served waiting, but we were not happy with some money. Then wait for the schedule and hope a lot of money and a lot, but often behind the market and ultimately still hope and we have to spend money. No need to be greedy. Markets are open 24 hours. Still no tomorrow. I do not deny that I earned wealth.

5. useful to mountain water.

This afternoon when we win 50pip, then lost as 50pip next trading day. When it is time now to move the end of one loss. A hill of water.

6. Faithful.

Regardless of our trading system. Each indicator. Get a pen and paper and write our trading when we where leaving, how many open where to take profit and stop loss. Include a picture of him. Make it as detailed as possible. Make it so that when we give our mentradingkan million. After party printlalu memory PC. If trading system successfully 50% of the believers.

7. Find the most comfortable clothes.

Do not wear thick black when hot afternoon. It's good for someone else may not be so good for us. So, if you are comfortable with 15M timeframe, why should press on day period, even if it makes you feel uncomfortable? Find the most profitable trading style, but comfortable and enjoyable at the same time for each of us.

8. Make sure that tomorrow act.

Well tsunami our house was gone? Forex is eliminated next week? If not, then why rush to get the most these days? Do not over trade must not risk too much money that tomorrow we still have a trade balance to pay the mortgage, buy infant milk, among others. There's nothing more depressing to know the price moves 200 pips is not enough money in our account.

9. Adjust the size of the shoulder.

If MC is still often negotiate micro (security), why we think that the rules will be a margin call? If only one loss often really, why do we think of the 10 lots will be different? If you do not fight Chris John why Tyson won ngelawan power? No need to carry 10 bags of rice when there was only one bag drop. Follow the process from a demo account, Micro, Mini, Standard.

10. Since the burning building outside.

This is not a loser if you lose. Losers if we know the price of the car body behind clear, but reduced loss. Do not be afraid to admit that we are wrong analysis. All sellers must have a loss. Snapper is often wrong. Losing is not our problem today, which is important in the final report is still a profit.

11. Just a great idea, and live like kings.

The great inventor certainly understand, musicians, businessmen and all those whose names never die. Graham Bell, Edison, Sukarno, Elvis Presley, Nobel, George Soros, Colonel Sanders and other great men have in common is a great idea, and focus on them. Because they know that all great ideas materialize then live like kings. Find the best way to trade every one of us do not stop to fix it, and faithful. Make every effort to find it and live like kings shots. However, money management and discipline will determine how long we were in the palace.

12. Just follow the wind.

So many factors that blows in the manner and determine how strongly the wind: terrain contours, temperature logging, the position of the moon and the stars, the amount of nitrogen in the soil, the number of dead worms, week, etc., etc. .. But in the end no matter what the wind movement, but in what direction to sail when the wind blows. Finally, it is important to look at the price before the news happens, follow the direction of the current generated.

13. A wise old master teacher.

Maybe when the first school ever wondered why so many refined grains listed Pancasila Moral Education teacher or a teacher of physics, red formula of general relativity defined? Now we know the secret, so when we started today with our fair trade, we repeat every day, every hour pelototin, imagine how much we have 5 or 8 years from now. Practice.

14. th is not where we are today, but where we are tomorrow.

All marketers know that the margin did Pingin nonjok monitor. We knew it was in vain. But the good news, if successful traders always ngerasain this? They all feel and are successful now. This means that we are in exactly the same manner with them. Go ahead, we walk (or crawl) days, but it arrived. MC does not matter how big, but how big our dreams.

15. th bit or pine Gigitlah

Some of us can make a daily profit target of 50 pips or 100 pips or 200 pips. Regardless of our goals, broken repeatedly tried to act. 100pip first time is often much more difficult business operations (mental and technical) to 5 eating mouthful after mouthful easier and more fun than a plate immediately.

16. th-waiting.

What are the most important skills to be a strong fighter? Shoot? Can be. But there is a saying popular among hunters: The wait is half the success. Similarly, when pursuing lions. Most of the time is spent waiting for the right time to quit, do not run around chasing their prey. They have thousands and thousands of system indicators mean that we should not expect to know how to use it.

17. th Watchtower.

If we go places so low that I could not see where the storm is heading a watchtower. If we put too high, you can feel the earth tremble and asked them to be minimal. See what's happening in TF, large and small, and then decide where to run.

18. History repeats itself minutes.

We are in the era between the glaciers floods the Prophet Noah, come again. Fossil say is that the world is berkali2 dikiamatkan. Asteroids are hitting the ground and will definitely be back. History always repeats itself. Buy a good book and a magazine, write down the mistakes and successes of each of our days. The marker is a good thing as double top and Doji return. False signals are always tempting. As history repeats itself.

19. Sometimes a robot.

Target industry you want to buy a bigger TV or a car more flexible the class meeting next month? We continue our investment capital and bank debt debt collectors are waiting at the front door? Or I just had to start fighting head just before European session? Or just remove the money from the sale of rice in 10 seconds? Get rid of the emotion or view graphs of all, because they have to worry about our problems, the market remains in any place as desired. Sometimes it's a robot.

20. A Learn to touch the ground.

Take a tennis ball. Banting see firmly on the ground, how high jump. True, we all know that it is more difficult high flies. So it is with us, the loss margin call is important to us some caution strength was our discipline, we all believe that the failure of yesterday does not help, it was hard floors fly someday.

Friend was completed in 20 days of trading discipline we know and everyone entering the Forex market can be useful for all of you!