Determinants of Success in the World of Forex Trading : We hope on the trading could give descriptions to friend all and Success in world trading is something who dreamed of by many trader beginners, one of which is with using the indicator "Magic". We have many different types of indicators found that almost everything is an indicator of profitable claims by the owner. Basically, all indicators have advantages and disadvantages of each. Of the various types of indicators that we can create a strategy or trading system.

According to John J. Murphy, an expert in the field of financial trading in his book said that in the preparation of a trading system is not enough just to use price analysis though the analysis is an important aspect and is a crucial point in trading. Another important factor of success in the world in terms of trading is a factor analysis of trading and money management tactics that are often forgotten. Keep in mind that no single trading system that can be deemed to be perfect without these three factors.

Success in the World Trading: 3 Determinants
  1. The first factor is the Price Forecasting, ie a process to analyze the direction in which the price / trend will move. Please note that this initial process is a process that is quite important and is a crucial point of decision-making in trading. This process also determine what steps we will take the better buy (if the trend looks bullish) and also vice versa sell (if the trend looks bearish).
  2. Trading Tactics or timing, as a more specific answer about the entry and exit points. Time is also a crucial one in the financial markets due to the low margin presyaratan generated by high leverage does not provide much opportunity for traders to make mistakes. Even though a fundamentalist trader to memprkecil error factors still have to use technical tools to determine when the best time and determine the level of entry and exit.
  3. Money Management, covers the overall asset allocation. Point-point money management encompasses all things like, diversification of assets, how much money could risks it, how far our stop loss level, risk to reward ratio, what emotion do after a profit or loss and even further away from the money management also specify whether the way we transact transact way to the aggressive or conservative.
An easy way to summarize the three factors above is that Price Forecasting (price analysis) notify the trader about what to do (buy or sell). Then Trading Tactics (Time) helps traders decide when to entry or exit. Last Money Management in answer how many assets that we can use to our commitment in the market.

Congratulations Running Forex Trading Friends all ...