Definition and Understanding Investment : Many companies do to win in the short term and long term goals of all value added or profit at a later date. People save their money in banks in the hope that the savings rate. In general, the steps above can be classified as an investment. In modern society, said the investment would be familiar. You may hear the word every day.

Therefore, higher education is not willing to allow assets to be developed and develop assets that the investment needed. For others, they have to invest, but do not know how farmers and ranchers in rural areas.

So what exactly does he mean by this investment?

Complete definition Reilly and Brown, asset investment commitments when connected to get some future point in time, money, investors can compensate the victim in the form, given: (1) The fixed assets at any given time, (2) inflation rate, (3) uncertainty of future revenue.

From the definitions given above, we can attract investment sense, the power to make an investment into elements and Availability (assets) in the present, then tied the commitment of investment funds in the object (can be used in individual or portfolio) for a period of time (long-term than one year) in the future.

Once the desired time is reached (due date), the investor can withdraw assets, of course, on the number and higher profits for investors expressed compensation Reilly Brown and sacrifice. However, there is no guarantee that investors would long when investing assets at the end of the specified period. This happens because of it. Although the events may differ from the expected wait is called risk. Connecting additional funds, investors should be prepared to take the risk.