Check Google Adsense Account Ban or Not Banned : Hello all bloggers? we will give an account to get tips on how to check account information you blog or website but those of you who have a website or blog you want to subscribe to one of the biggest publishers. However, it will not be easy to be a member of google adsense. There is a time for your website or blog in banned for unwanted reasons.

If all bloggers want to know where you are going to check your blog or website and How do I know which website or blog banned by google adsense? There is a special website to check whether a website or blog, or have not been banned by google adsense for free and without registration. For those of you who are wondering whether your website or blog banned by google adsense or not, can follow these steps:
  • Please select one of the following sites:
  • Please Enter the URL of a website or a blog, then click submit.
  • When you exit the site in a word ... If the time of delivery, and the results there appears the words "the name of a website or blog is not banned from google adsense" means the website or blog you are not banned by google adsense.
  • Even your blog or website to display the ad was banned because it uses the TOS must Gogggle okay, however, if he says "Likely or plant site banned from google adsense blog" your website or blog getting banned from google adsense.
Thank our bloggers TEAM of all bloggers ....