Carefully Money Management - Forex Trading Risk : Trading for the careful management of forex trading because many are not in accordance with your expectations if there is a problem immediately reported to the employee concerned Forex ok.

I hope to get a big profit from forex trading. With full confidence, I put $ 1,000 into a broker. $ 1,000 is money saved up my results over the last year. After opening the first position of 3 lots, I get a profit of $ 500, "Great, one day my money has increased 50%. Well, if you open a 5 lot, it could be a lot of ya. "Murmured my heart.

Then, I open it again 5 lots, graphs began to move against my will. With floating minus position is large enough, I my equity lyrics, wah stay $ 800. While a cold sweat, my heart said, "Quiet, quiet, soon reversed chart definitely." However, the reality speaks another, equity now live $ 450 only. Agency began to heat cold, heart feels chaotic, food on the table no longer favors, and pillows were not soft anymore.

Finally, the moment of doom arrived, I was exposed to a margin call account. The work year yesterday, just disappear. I started the story to my friends, "My broker fraud, scam. They took my money, many times when I want to profit requotes large, slow execution, (indeed pity Bener black goat). It is the only outlet, where I could not accept the fact that the money I earn with hard work, go away. What does that mean? What I bet here is too big, much bigger than I could Let it go. The solution? RISK MANAGEMENT. Play in the right zone for yourself.

If I may define, Risk or Risk, is a failure, a disadvantage, or the worst possible thing that might happen to a person. And in the world of forex, risk can be defined as the loss of capital that you traded. So, Risk Management or Risk Management in the forex world is how you identify the risks that exist, analyze the appropriate level of risk for yourself, and then decide how you are going to invest in forex.

In forex trading, the loss is very possible, win-lose opportunities is 50:50. So, most likely loss is inevitable. With good risk management, we can control our capital and minimize losses when loss, so when that happens, we are not too shocked. Perhaps the one thing that needs to be asked before opening a position, or perhaps before trading, if this money, or a portion of this money runs out, what happens to me? If the answer is, "Well, I might not sleep 3 days and 3 nights" or even extreme "Arrrgghh, let me die alone", then you should think again. Minimize capital is entered, up to the point where you can accept the risk. If it repeatedly reduces capital plan to be included, but still think so, then investing in the forex world does not seem to match the level of risk to yourself.

If you've been able to determine, "I'm going to play with so many capital", whether it is 1% of total assets, 5% or 10%, it does not matter, as long as the level of risk is appropriate and acceptable. Then the rest of the capital that has been put, what percentage would diresikokan case of loss? For this, it is recommended not to exceed 5%.

Besides loss, other risks that may occur is a scam broker, or agent of embezzling you. It also makes us lose capital. Therefore, make sure the broker is selected is either a bona fide broker, and do not believe in any person who want to help you invest in a particular broker.

Look at the profit and loss opportunities of the same amount, 50:50. Then we can draw a conclusion, that is not possible we will continue to profit, without any loss of 1 times. If there is a profit to sell something that says 100% or 99%, strategy has never lost, and so forth, are we to believe? Of course, very difficult to change 50:50 to 100:0. We need to find the information carefully, buying promises unclear results also include a loss, and this is also a risk that could reduce our capital. Accuracy we will minimize the risk of things like this.

This is the initial description of the main risks of forex, and the importance of risk management. In the next article I will try to give you some tips on what to consider to minimize risks, including how to analyze your risk profile or level, so trading will be more secure, convenient and produce. Trading forex is not to profit as much as possible in the shortest possible time, but rather on how some of the money you invest is able to provide a satisfactory return to risk that can be tolerated.