Broker or Broker's legality : Before entering the world of Forex trading, a trader must make a Forex brokerage firm accounts. A number of online brokers who offer their services for forex trading. You should carefully decide which one to choose as a broker dealer. If necessary, the distributor should do some research to find a qualified and professional racers. There is no lack of understanding of the research about the services provided and fees charged by various brokers increase done.

This means that the broker has been done with other runners systems and services in the future. Not only in accordance with the practice of their services, but brokers must comply with the provisions of the existing law, so that investors' rights are protected and to ensure the availability of funds.

How should be investigated to find a good forex broker and try, state institutions, registered broker white. Because it is likely that many runners seem misleading and false profits, given the enthusiasm of the prospective sellers to act in the foreign exchange market. Almost all countries, the broker must be registered and legal. Such as the United States, running as a Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) with the Commodity Futures Trading Commissin (CFTC) and NFA member to register. The CFTC and the NFA was established to protect the public deception, manipulation and fraudulent business practices. You can register the Commodity Futures Trading Commissin (CFTC) and NFA member of a particular agent and check your phone records NFA education at (800) 621-3570 or agency / company information (BASIC) with the National Futures Association website.

NFA to intensify their efforts to educate investors in the Forex market. You have a brochure, "market exchange trading off-exchange retail" Pulitzer Prize-called victory (trading in the retail foreign exchange market) is done. NFA should be read prior to immersion in the Forex. NFA has developed, describes an interactive self-study program, which, like the retail forex contracts, risks inherent in Forex trading and the steps to be taken also Online Learning Program Forex (Forex Online Learning Program) Before opening a forex account. Both the brochure and online learning programs mentioned above are free to the public on the Internet NFA and CFTC are available.

In Indonesia, foreign trade in Act 32 of 1997, regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading. In addition, there are three government agencies to exchange the authority to set the permissions there and trading currency. The institutions are:

BBJ (Jakarta Futures Exchange)
BBJ was founded in 2000 with its main function is to make investments for the members to create and trade or, in other words, the BBJ is a story for each particular commodity exchanges products, indices and currencies. In 2004, there were 30 properties listed in the BBJ. Registered brokers who invest money to keep the BBJ used by separate accounts for client funds or misused by certain parties, such as brokers sell itself. And these accounts will be reviewed periodically by the BBJ and Bappebti KBI.

BAPPEBTI (Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency)

Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Board in 1999, which was established on the basis of Law no. 32 of 1997 on the Commodity Futures Trading BAPPEBTI obligation to promote, regulate and supervise the activities of futures trading in politics and legislation has been issued by the Minister. BAPPEBTI function makes security policy implementation in the areas of training and supervision of technician proficiency futures trading activities. According to Article 63 of Law No. 32 of Thun, 1997, each party must obtain a license, certificate of registration and approval will be a report on the activities BAPPEBTI. Violations of the laws and regulations in the field of commodity futures trading may be subject to administrative sanctions. For information about the listing broker is listed on BAPPEBTI accessible.

KBI (Indonesian Derivatives Clearing House)
IAC was founded in 1984. On the basis of Decree No. 128/IX/2001 BAPPEBTI, KBI license to operate as a clearing where the main function KBI-term compensation, insurance, and settlement of all futures and derivatives exchange / exchange by each Clearing Member has been registered, you can do. With regard to the investor. Existence KBI ensure that funds are not misappropriated investor capital, investment broker.

Hopefully with this article appears to potential distributors, so there is no longer the victims of illegal forex broker forex desert much more accessible, and this has been proven, and a lot of sacrifice to a beginner trader.