Basic Principles of Forex Technical Analysis : Principles Forex done There are four principles that are used as the principle of doing technical analysis, namely:

All Market Discount
What is meant by the market price discount discount meant all events, the volatility of the foreign exchange market (Forex Trading) or the price of the currency of a country as a whole may result. As these events may, economic, political arrived, including events that can not be predicted in advance, such as war, natural disasters and more. All that are reflected in market prices.

Price moves in trends, ie trends, price movements in foreign currency, the price continues to move in trends. Rate starts to move in one direction, when a fall or rise. This trend will continue (bullish or bearish) to slow down the movement of prices and cautions before turning and moving in the opposite direction.

Volumes confirm the trend

Focus on price movements. The reference flow is used to determine the presence of a trend, it's a good uptrend and is bullish.

History repeats itself, Forex Technical Analysis also describes the psychological factors of market participants. Herein, the repeated movements which can be used as a reference to predict the prices in the future.