Alternative Investments : Once you know the meaning of the terms of investment, it is time to invest. The question that arises is where we make the investment? To answer this question, we must know the investment alternatives.

Generally, plants can land are generally divided into two, namely real assets and financial investments separate.

Investment real estate as an asset mix is ​​committed to improving the real sector. As is known, the term is often used to get the actual outside the financial sector, such as trade, industry, agriculture and others. As an investment in the financial sector. For example, real fixed investment, for example, buy a textile trading business and other items.

Moderate investment of financial assets (investments in the financial sector), or frequent investment portfolio (portfolio investment) required investments in securities (stocks) are issued by the issuer compromised. Publisher diverse effects, ranging from individuals, companies and governments. However, very diverse, ranging from simple debt between people and products (derivatives) complexes, and the future. For example, investments in the financial sector, for example, will save money in the bank to buy stocks, bonds or mutual funds.

Characteristics of an investment in the financial sector is an investment in the real sector company is the information really needed can be obtained from the prospectus, annual report or proposal. Because Investment Management provides portfolio theory, we will turn our attention goes to investments in the financial sector. In addition to these properties, including financial investment profession for the profession to take appropriate professional standards. It is quite reasonable, because the financial industry, the business is based on trust, confidence required to legitimize a certain level. Confidence is very important because the 'goods', the purpose of this operation is the "stuff" does not matter on paper with the statement that the owner has the right to fill out a paper / editor to pay, is

(Script less Trading) activities in unrecorded trade system in Indonesia (Stock Exchange) Stock Exchange investors no longer have the physical form of shares, but only brokerage firm reported a change in the number of shares and value of such bank receives regular reports every month. In addition to requiring a lot of professions, financial investments are also a lot of media.