Advantages of Forex Trading : The foreign exchange market is a promising market for huge profits that can be played skillfully on the market. It seems now that the operation of the foreign exchange market is growing Rapidly. People not only the forex market as a place to exchange money or facilitate bilateral cooperation, but the forex market with increasingly sophisticated technology Enables anyone to join the pursuit of profit in the forex market.

Technology be an opportunity for individuals to those with the resources the ability / limited capital available to be Able to enjoy the sweetness of the foreign exchange market. According to the advantages of the Forex market is given.

Lower transaction costs
Forex broker commissions are usually cited is relatively very small Compared with the broker of the stock market. Also some of the online marketing is done through the Internet is not going to pay a transaction fee, but the pay is very diverse. In addition, the difference (spread) between the purchase price (bid) and selling price (ask) is also very small.

Liquidity / liquidity
Forex market is very illiquid (liquid). Liquidity, roommates is the main attraction of the foreign exchange market. Due to the nature of the fluid, the results of operations can be immediately removed. Liquidity also shows transparency on price movements. The currency market is very attractive to big players and big players such transactions also have a significant impact on the currency market (forming tendencies). The nature of the benefits of transparency Because We can follow the uptake or trend (trend trend buy or sell) transactions created from the big players.

Possibility of income from low to high and high-low price
Each position is open, the traders buy (long) for the sale of foreign currency at a time (short) to other currencies. Short position means that the trader sells currency in anticipation of the currency would Become depressed or Weakened against other currencies. Two positions at the same time, this means that the dealer has a good profit potential in a strong currency and the currency Weakened done.

The system uses a dealer, a small margin deposit can perform transaction agreement with a larger amount. Leverage gives the trader the opportunity for dealers to get more benefits and minimize the risk of capital loss. For example, a broker offers 100:1 leverage, so $ 100 deposit can mean buying and selling for $ 10,000. Note, however, that the leverage effect as a double-edged sword, it can be very useful and dangerous.

Easy setup / commodities

Forex market is open 24 x 5, where 24 hours a day, five times a week. This gives us the freedom to make-at certain hours of our free time. Especially peer to traders who still work or other business associates. This suit, and there are some brokers to ease the transaction automatically or run automated trading systems with simple shapes programmed as limit orders and sophisticated systems.

Margin Trading
Margin trading system exceeds the planned capital investors to trade. This can happen Because investors get loans from a bank or broker where investors just to give a sum of money as security (collateral). For investors, the use of margin trading is done Because of the higher purchasing power of money capital amount of time. For companies or bank loans, the use of margin trading, you will be Able to increase of competitive advantage. Type of margin is provided for investors with margin and margin percentages with a certain amount of money.