Use Keywords as Tags

Use Keywords as Tags - Step Optimizing Websites for Search Engines to help and websites dedicated to philosophy, science, and art Search Engine Optimization (SEO). While this guide can be enlightening, however, they can be overwhelming and confusing. Part of my job as a media, marketing and PR specialists simplify the message, then here is what I have been distilled on the SEO world: 5 Step SEO

Crazy "tag" on the back of your site: Enter any and all words and phrases related to your topic, separating each word or phrase with a comma. Get creative, think about all the possible angles attract someone to your business. Does chocolate chip cookies gluten-free bakery? vegan? green business? If so, use the right words as keywords, and brainstorm related keywords. In addition to "gluten-free," for example, put "Celiac Disease." In addition to "vegan," put "dairy-free." In addition to "green business," put "environmentally friendly."

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