Google lost an appeal resistant to the decision of the Russian antitrust Android

Google lost an appeal resistant to the decision of the Russian antitrust Android : Google antitrust appeal against the decision of the Android functioning system in Russia was thrown out by an arbitration court ninth Moscow on Wednesday.

Ad huge was fined 438 , 000, 000 rubles (? 5. twenty-five million, $ 6. eighty-five million) by your competition watchdog state, Federation Antimonopoly Support (FAS) last week. FAS found that Google already imposed limited contract cellphone manufacturers who want to use the Android functioning system, forcing these to pre-install other Google services, while blocking them from competitors.

As well as penalties, FAS ordered Google to improve roads and sailed the opportunity of out of court settlement. On the other hand, the two sides performed not reach an contract like that, FAS, Tues. Today, the court refused Google's appeal up against the responsibilities which bind to solve this case.

Spokesman FAS Elena Zaeva said: "The Substantial Court upheld the judgment court of first example in force, confirms the legality of the decision and certain requirements of FAS Russia Period recipe specific by it must be fulfilled by Google as a whole.. We are confident that the requirements create fair conditions for effective competition in the rapidly growing market for mobile applications. "

This can be the second appeal of Google and Google has been lost in the case, which date ranges back to February 2014 complaint filed by a Russian search company Yandex.

Google said in response to something from Ars, that it probably would not review until his legal team had fully reviewed the ruling.

FAS said in a statement last week that Russian law applied to all companies functioning in the country.

Look online also faces almost similar charges in the Western Union. Head competition Brussels' Margrethe Vestager Statement of Objections provided for the company in April, stating that they had abused the dominant position by upon restrictions Android device producers.

Separately, FAS initiated the alleged pricing for the iPhone earlier this month.

An initial investigation confirmed that 16 of the major retailers countries already involved in pricing since 6s iPhone and i phone 6s Plus come on the industry in October 2015. The antitrust watchdog has been suggested that such a coincidence may be the result of balance by Apple, or reseller interpret "recommended" prices as mandatory.


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