Determine your Primary and Secondary Keywords

Determine your Primary and Secondary Keywords - Step Optimizing Websites for Search Engines to help and websites dedicated to philosophy, science, and art Search Engine Optimization (SEO). While this guide can be enlightening, however, they can be overwhelming and confusing. Part of my job as a media, marketing and PR specialists simplify the message, then here is what I have been distilled on the SEO world: 5 Step SEO

In addition to using your keywords as a "tag" on the back of your site, make sure to use keywords that are most significant as the content on the front end of your site. Selecting keywords that your website has a shot menmaka one of the top results for that search. Continuing the example above business, "chocolate chip cookies" will menmaka bad choice for your main keywords, because you are competing with millions of other websites dedicated to chocolate chip cookies.

Be sure to qualify for the primary and secondary keywords as much as possible, so that you target and angle of your niche market. Instead of choosing the keyword "chocolate chip cookie," for example, select the "chocolate chip cookie recipe" to significantly narrow down your competition. In short, creative and think "subcategory" not "category." Instead of "music," for example, think "1980 punk rock." Instead of "shoes," think "comfort shoe fashion."


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