Keeping Up With Space Race: Setting SpaceX NASA Failed Launch

Keeping Up With Space Race: Setting SpaceX NASA Failed Launch

Elon Musk has great Flugzeuge for SpaceX, as big as a manned Mars mission in not less than eight years. But after a series of failed launches, many are beginning ein question the ability of this SpaceX. After all, with what humans ein un jeu Ball Totally different transport cargo to the International Space Station (ISS) is Mars-Earth orbit Stahl.

And even the Mission of the ISS der NASA seems the elusive der SpaceX, Dado abortive launch last year.

In June 2015, the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched Cape Canaveral ab loaded with supplies for the International Space Station. After a few minutes of liftoff, the rocket exploded. Since then, people seemed confident about the future of SpaceX.

By keine mention that keine Mission has facilitated known as CRS-7 causes delays die future missions to the station and the loss of the new airlock NASA have developed for Commercial Space ship carrying the station Human beings, said

But above all, the failure die Mission represent "a major obstacle" for the company, which has been working tirelessly for years der Transit develop a low cost in space.

More recently, NASA Negotiated price discounts with SpaceX Mission After the failed mission.

After a series of failures, SpaceX Keeping peace with your main customers?

SpaceX relationship with NASA gives Idee 2015 Auditorien documents showing how SpaceX retain the trust of its most important customers.

1. The costs of launching Exclusion

SpaceX supply contract with NASA is divided into three - the preparation, implementation and the mission is completed. Explosion SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket means that it has lost a third of the costs of implementation.

2. The price of Lock-in

According to the document, SpaceX Lanzo guarantee of better price, without delay, allowing NASA ein save more than what was quoted.

3. Accessories

SpaceX provide NASA with additional services without Ladung. For example, the company offered der increase the power of your Kirchenschiff Space Dragon so that it can handle three times more cargo.

4. Saubere Sache

After the failed missions Falcon 9, SpaceX ein carry out Internal Investigations Unit are pointing damper failure, manufactured by subcontractors.

5. Change the manufacturing process die overcome the problem of NASA

In response to concerns about the NASA Space X "Systemac Engineering and Praktikas de gestion" the Company has reorganized its system of quality control and management work Tecnicos "and tests on individual components of a rocket .

In a statement published in Los Angeles Times, SpaceX Würfel who have successfully achieved a contract with NASA, reduce costs and financial risks. The company said it also successfully launched seven times since the incident.


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