Posting SEO smart links, Blogspot / Blogger (update)

Posting SEO smart links, Blogspot / Blogger (update) - SEO Blogspot - Ever heard the plugin SEO smart links? in this case a plugin for wordpress that function to change every word that we set, into a link. Now the plugin can we put also on blogspot.

But already since last year this script is not working.
But calm down, now the script has been improved thanks to the help of a friend, in this case a blogger friend who many advise excellent to Us. Thank you to him. Follow the tutorial to install smart link seo plugin especially for blogspot / blogger below.

How does the smart seo link to this blogspot?
This script will be read for each word in most every post. For example, if you enter the word "SEO" on the script automatically on all pages that have the word "seo" will link to the url address that you have specified.

Is this autolink script may violate Google guidelines?
No, as long as the number of links that you enter the code autolink still in the stage of the fair. Recommendation We just 1 link only.

How do I put this code in blogspot autolink you?

    The first step, direct login to and then to design (design).
    Towards edit html tab. Press ctrl + f on the keyboard. And looking for the </ body>
    See the script code here (click to see in a new tab)
    Once the page is open script please copy and paste all the code in the script just above the </ body>

Description :
Look at the very last code and replace SEO by word or keyword phrase should you choose. Underneath must Change the url address of the destination.

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