Original Blog Can Also Contact with raging Google Panda?

Original Blog Can Also Contact with raging Google Panda? - After the previous post we discussed about Google Panda Did Not Need Backlink ?, Today we will raise a topic that is still the same regarding google algorithm 2011, Google Panda.

Now this post will discuss the effect of "low quality content" or low quality content (trash content) to rank the site as a whole.

Let us consider the statement om Michael Wyszomierski, a Project Manager at Google, the following:

"Improve it or remove it. With Google's Panda Update, low-quality content can impact an entire domain, but removing Reviews These pages - or moving them to a different domain - can help your rankings"
Indiscriminate translation as follows:

"Repair or Remove the article that you think has a low quality. With the release of Google Panda, article / low-quality content will result in adverse effects to the overall ranking of the site."

From the statement om Michael is already quite obvious, reason why sites with original content can be subject to tantrums "the panda". Because it can be, without my friend knowing there are some content / articles on your blog that are less qualified. Eg older article the results of other blogs are still new era began blogging buddies.

The articles of this waste - which is without a buddy knowing there might be among dozens or hundreds of your blog posts - will have an effect to the overall ranking of the site.

The solution?
To avoid a "rampage" Google Panda, There are two options, Remove or correct the contents of garbage on your blog. Open the list of posts ever written pal, check one by one articles that have been in publis.

If the article is removed garbage, would not result in broken links?
For that read the article How to remove the posting from the Google SERP. By utilizing the facilities remove URLs from webmasters tools, there will be no broken links from the article to remove garbage pal.

After selecting buddy post then correct or even choose to remove junk postings, That is, the consequences in the clear google panda is being aggressively raid trash content will not affect the ranking of your blog as a whole.

At the end, the articles in Blog We are an open discussion. Anyone can give its opinion here. How? What do mate for Michael Wyszomierski om statement above?

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