Disadvantages on Blogspot for SEO and also Solution

Disadvantages on Blogspot for SEO and also Solution - Talking about weaknesses or deficiencies seo friendly blogspot whether or not, has actually been much discussed in forums and on blogs door. But few are discussing how to cover up these weaknesses in order to be seo friendly blogspot.

We are now in the post, we will discuss how to cover the weaknesses blogspot blog to become a powerful engine in SEO so that your blog flooded with thousands of visitors from google. From the eyes of a beginner, we describe some fatal problem on the machine blogger and solution:
1. Blogspot / Blogger does not have "the real categories"
Basically blogspot machine does not have a real category. Most bloggers capitalize on the "label" as their category.

We conducted an analysis on his blogspot robots.txt and found that each of the url address that contains "/ search" will not follow the robot in google and lead to these addresses are not indexed by google. This means that the label will not be in the index blogger google and a link to the label blogspot will not be considered as a backlink.

Solution: Use the tag "nofollow" on any link to the label, nice on a post or sidebar. Remember ! provide a backlink to a blogspot URL address label on which it futile.

2. Template blogspot is not SEO friendly
From start to issue title, meta tags, related post and others, there is provided by default by the blogger. For that friend can add these important features by editing the html code the blog.

3. Template blogspot is not valid xhtml
Actually it can be said that a major problem in the engine blogspot, but from the observation of a beginner like we actually see non-valid-an blogspot template is not particularly affect to an engine-seo-blogger. Examples can be seen a few key words in google instead controlled by engine blogger blogs. These blogs very much to have errors when checked with W3C validator, but it does not make these blogs can not wandered in Google SERP. Whether this is just a myth or not, has a valid blogspot html pal would ease the way towards the top positions in Google SERP.

4. Address url posts are limited
Try his buddies We note the following URL address this post, consider writing in red and compare it with the title of the posting. Apparently, not all the post title will be the url address of our blog articles. Rather it will be cut off only until 6 words. Consequently, this effect on the post position in SERP for as long as this friend and we know that keywor that there will be very influential on the url in google.

Such postings to learn seo blogspot Today from Us. Perhaps there is an extra? or there are other problems with seo for blogspot?

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