Backlink Plant, Towards Post or Homepage?

Backlink plant, Towards Post or Homepage? - In the SEO article ever we write, how to put various backlinks through blog commenting method, that we have to explain about how to get a good backlink with the most convenient way.

However, the article seo Today we will discuss how to put these backlinks in order to more effectively boost the position of the search results page blog on google, et al.

The problems will we raise Now this is where the good backlink directed issue?

There are two options most often done by bloggers / webmasters when they are "planted" backlinks, namely:
1. Directing backlink to the main page (homepage)
2. Directing a backlink to the posting

Which is better than both of the above?

Opinion We are still learning SEO, specifically for the new blog, good directing backlink "planted" to the main page. The reason is, if it can be compared to the new blog that homes are being built, we would have to build a strong foundation first. Foundation here is the main page of the blog. If the main page already has a backlink is sufficient, then the postings we certainly will be faster in the index and get a good position in SERP.

"The first conclusion specifically for the new blog, give" injections "backlink pretty used to the main page."

As for blogs that already have enough of age, good directing a backlink to the posting. The reason, a blog that already have been fairly stable age usually the time needed by the search engine robots to index the page posts. However, despite these posts quickly enough pages in the index does not mean the position in SERP would be nice as well. This is where the importance of direct backlink to the posting.

"The second conclusion specifically for blogs that already have age, give the" injection "of backlinks to the pages of posts."

Well, so many SEO Today article of opinion We personally, if any that may have a different opinion, my friend can share via the comments box. Do not be afraid to dissent because of the difference so we appreciated. Thank you


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