What is Importance of being Top 10 in Google

What is the Importance of being Top 10 in Google - Maybe this time companions wondered that why should the Top Ten heck ya? The most important already in Google's been wrong of course.
Before you answer, try to imagine yourself entering Google.com. You enter the keyword "learn seo". Within seconds came the 10 websites in front of you and dozens of links a page index.

The question is, if you only see 10 the website and clicking on other pages? Or you would simply click on one website in front of your liking?

The average search engine user would click on the website that appears on the first page. If the website clicked it according to his wishes, he will leave the other pages.

Of course, there are some people who either for fun or hobby, just look at the 10 yard or more than 10. But the amount is very small and they tend to think random and the original guess.

Therefore, the best keywords to get visitors through Google, is to occupy on the first page of search results worldwide. And it means to be a Top Ten or Top Ten Google search results.

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