ZTE announces Nubia Z9 Smartphone No Bezel on 6 May

What about the edges Samsung Galaxy S6 thy will seem worth erwähnens innovation. Why not, after starting a smartphone technology without the bezel, several other smartphone manufacturers do not seem less and similar technology.

After Oppo a patent on his own screen bezeless technology development, now turn ZTE also show a similar technology. This has the leak, the only being distributed to do. This leak is a form of cell phones, allegedly as Nubia Z9. And the phone is equipped with a screen, as if without bezel.

Earlier than by GSMArena page (18/04/2015) self-reported ZTE has introduced two of the three new terminals. Namely ZTE ZTE Nubia Nubia Z9 and Z9 Mini Max. Two variants of the higher and lower than the ZTE Nubia itself Z9, which has not yet been officially announced. After all, the ZTE itself has confirmed that it releases the phone in May 6

In addition, this phone will be equipped with 2.5D technology, the technology embedded in the handset Oppo R7. This phone also uses the most powerful chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 with support 3 GB or 4 GB RAM capacity. And they will be planted with the function of fingerprint recognition and strength 21MP camera sensor.

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