The Computer is Slow! Read these Tips

Your Computer is Slow! Start on the old computer is annoying, but I think to wait for 1 to 2 minutes, in my opinion it does not matter. What if your wait until 10 or 15 minutes. very annoying. On the other hand, often do not respond and always slow.

Well, this time I will give you some tips on how to speed up computer performance so you do not get upset when.

Deleting files is not important.
Claro was junk files or files that are not required on the hard disk. Because if that there are more files on your hard drive. There will be heavy also the team's performance.

Install the desktop gadget
You should not install gadgets on the desktop, because it will delay the start, if you want to do on your PC / laptop.
Turn off your antivirus / modem Start or applications in all these things.

Well, the third way is to disable applications that appear when launching applications. It is a deadly form. Click Windows - Then click with the inscription "msconfig" then remove ticks applications that are not important. As shown below.

Cool install applications.
How cool applications, application fuckyeah. I think that this app to cool its name from the Tune Up Utitities application.

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