Microsoft announced Office applications Windows Smartphone users 10

Microsoft announces immediate universal applications for Office Windows Smartphone users 10

Optimizing the universal platform of Windows 10 is continued. Some applications have begun aggressively pendukungpun fact. How Microsoft Office applications, the product of the same company, for example.

So far, Microsoft has completed the universal version of Microsoft Office for PCs and tablets, and now the smartphone version have been incorporated intensive, and is said to be ready to be published later this month.

As usual, these applications to maintain Universal Office logo 3 Microsoft application. What else could it be Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. As reported by Engadget (08/04/2015) page reported that the smartphone version of Office applications universAAL itself is said to be able to mark the document content users, being with additional controls at the bottom of the screen . According to Microsoft, this is done intentionally to facilitate users to operate with one hand (finger).

For a version of its own tablet, tampilanya not unlike the desktop version and laptops when viewed as a reason. But Microsoft also set the display interface in some parts to make it easier to use with one hand.

Windows 10 itself is the latest operating system Windows user to allow a variety of devices. Based on the PC desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone above. This is nothing done to give satisfaction to the consumer, but it has also given the concept of a single platform, which previously planned. In addition, this step also maximize come intended for the use of the Internet for thinking more and more fashionable.

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